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Thundercraft 340 express

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  • Thundercraft 340 express

    New member in search of information... I am looking at a 1991 Thundercraft 340 Express and can’t find a hole lot of info. Wondering if anyone here has any boat/hull specs (ex. Cruising speed, Weight etc.) and/or history on the boats or company?

    has 454s and bravos

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    just another flash-in-the-pan boat company (there were thousands of companies that came and went) here, let me google it for you https://www.google.com/search?client...dercraft+boats
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      With these flash in the pan boating companies, look at boats a little differently. For example, in your case, you have a 34' (probably) express cruiser that is almost 30 years old (end of expected life unless really well taken care of). You also have (2) 454 engines and (2) bravo drives. That is a lot of items to look at and verify are in decent shape before purchasing this boat. The reputation of the company is non-existent. You have mercs on board which means parts are readily available if needed which is a plus, but many more factors come into play here, such as age of motors, drives, condition, condition, and condition of everything! You are buying a 30 year old 34 foot fiberglass cruiser with twin 454s and bravos, make doesn't matter at this point.

      Save yourself the headache of all of the research and work involved and hire a surveyor to look at the boat. I am assuming that if you have the means to own and operate a 34 foot boat with twin 454s on it (fuel consumption in a year is going to be more than what a lot of people spend on their boats alone), that a surveyor is within the budget.