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Sunbird Odyssey

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  • Sunbird Odyssey

    I am new to iboats, Been boating forever, owned many skiffs/ flat bottom bay boats, a 70's tri hull, a v cuddy and a couple of pontoons. I "acquired" a Deck Boat true Tri-Hull from a buddy, he's owned it for 12 years and bought a new boat. I'm a little nervous about this thing, I am not as young as I used to be and not sure if I want to dive into another project. it's a 1995 Sunbird Odyssey 21' deck boat. It's powered by a 130hp Evinrude 2 stroke (which runs GREAT!) and included a brand new trailer. It's a Georgia lake boat and has never been in salt water. I have been on this boat, Ski'd, tubed, wake boarded off of it and all. the age of it is scaring me. What do you guys think? My family wants to keep her, i'm not so sure (buyers remorse i guess).

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    if its well cared for, well maintained and you know the history, why not.

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      You've got a lot of experience with boats and projects. What makes you uneasy about this boat?


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        What about it is a project, besides being a 22 year old boat? Looks very clean in the pictures.


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          Looks clean and well cared for, from pic spent life in covered boat house. Any thing can happen out if the blue, but Unless your friend shafts you there should be no surprises. Wouldn't worry about it.


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            Thanks Guys,
            I guess I needed to be Motivated. My Buddy is not the "routine/preventive maintenance" guy that I am. (Yes I'm anal).
            He has beached this thing many times which has left some deep gouges, and has told me that the center bilge pump hasn't worked in years(it has 3 separate hulls). The floor around the captains chair is "moving" (it is plywood under the nice looking gel-coat). Anyways, After a family vote, We have decided to fix the lights that don't work, and ride it for the season. we'll make another decision late Sept. I really like the hull, rides like a Fast pontoon.
            Thanks again! Be Safe this summer!


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              Ok Guys,
              Last March The Family Voted to keep the Deck Boat... In the fall I was outvoted again. Not going to start a huge project yet, got the bilge pumps to work but since we trailer her it's drained out after each use. Yes, she takes on a little water even after some hull repairs. I am reading everyday about replacing stringers, Floor is the last to rot, and drill into the transom to see if it's wet or rotted. just wondering whats under this floor, Anyone done these repairs on a Sunbird Odyssey deck boat? Just looking for some pointers on this thing.
              Thank You,Scott


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                Hi Scott! Welcome aboard. If the deck has soft/spongy spots that’s not a great sign. You are correct that most boats rot from the under structure upward. Get a drill and drill a few test spots in the transom.. if you can get at it. Or start with the deck where it’s soft... I don’t know spcifcs on your boat but most likely you have a few stringers and bulkheads under the deck, probably filled with foam. Deck boats normally don’t have a whole lot below decks. While redoing it all isn’t “hard” work.. it’s a lot of it. Tons of great folks to walk you through on here if needed.

                Fellow geogia boater. What lake are you on?
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                  Depending on how much you paid for her drive her until she dies. That is after you have all the safety issues addressed, like bilge pump and lights. My StarCraft is a 94 or 95 depending on what paperwork I have. Cosmetically she is in tip top shape. The floor at the Port side seat is a bit bouncy. I won't get into a complete floor rebuild at this time of my life. The transom is solid. I would check that as suggested. I'm a Merc/Mariner guy but must admit those 2 stroke Evinrude's are solid power plants. Enjoy.

                  Also welcome aboard the best Boating site on the planet. It's normal to have over 60,000 users on here at anytime.
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