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    Hey ya'll, and we've just had a fantastic season out there, on the water. Enjoyed time simply tied at the dock, out fishing, cruising, and simply living on the water. But there are a few questions that My Lady and I have regarding cleaning, etc.

    In our head, we have teak walls, carpet ceiling (SeaRay thing?) and fiberglass floor and vanity. In there, we have Dometic Port-a-Pottie made out of plastic.

    There is also a small sliding window, that we always open upon boarding the boat, and only close when exiting.

    Now that the generalities are out of the way, here's the questions. What all do you suggest being used,

    To clean the teak?

    To clean the cream colored carpet?

    To clean the fiberglass?

    To clean the portapottie?


    Is there a simple general all-around all-purpose all bacteria-nuking cleaner that actually exists, for this task? (I'm doubtful) The thing that I'm asking most about, is the plastic portapottie, because with use, somewhat closed air-space, and humidity on the water.... the main complaint about that is mildew forming/growing on the various surfaces of the portapottie. No mildew or mould growing anywhere else, just on the white plastic. Not even the grey base of the dual-colored, two-piece item.

    We obviously want to enhance and protect the beautiful teak woodwork. As well as, we want to look after the fibreglass, to which we're thinking of simply washing it, then waxing it with the same wax that we use on the hull. But then, what disinfectant can be used on it, through the season, so that we don't wash away the wax right away?

    We're pretty sure that all the 'strong' cleaners that we use on the home porcelain and enamel such as bleach, Mr. Clean, ****'n'Sol, Pine-Span, etc... would not be good on said surfaces.

    But what about Dettol? Looking forward to all ya'lls replies. And thanks.

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    5:1 mix of bleach and water for the teak, fiberglass and portable crapper if you are worried about germs. lysol works too. the teak may discolor.

    laundry detergent and water for the carpet.

    if you have mildew, you have an air-flow and moisture problem get a desiccant like damp rid and a fan
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