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2011 Grew 178GRS with 90 Evinrude E tech

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  • 2011 Grew 178GRS with 90 Evinrude E tech

    Folks, thinking of buying 2011 Grew 178 bowrider 90 HP Evinrude EYEC, limited usage. I know Grew went out of business in 2011.
    Does anyone foresee any problems? How about getting replacement parts?

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    Welcome aboard:

    In used boats, it's all about condition. Grew is a fine enough boat, but how well the one in question was take care of is more important. You'll have all you need to keep the outboard running and the boat in good working order moving forward.

    Most fittings on the boat itself are not manufacturer specific. Generally, they're rigging that is applied via supplier. Much of that is available here on iBoats.


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      Wahoooo...many thanks


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        I have a Grew 198 thats an older model (1978) and i have to say it seems well built and is good and solid. Not sure about the newer models but mine had nearly all the wooden parts made out of mahogony or some sort of reddish wood that don't seem to rot. The transom did have to be replaced but the boat is 40 years old,,,guages and other fittings are usually standardized and fit different make boats as already stated.
        1978 Grew 194 with Merc 165 inline6 pre alpha


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          You can have the etec checked out at a dealer.Once they plug the laptop in they can tell you basically everything about the life of that motor.I cant find my printout right now but it tells you everything .Measured in seconds not hours .For an example motor at 550 rpm 275,634 seconds at say 2500 35,000 seconds etc.Will also tell you of any current or former issues.