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07 Glastron 205 GT VEC Question

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  • 07 Glastron 205 GT VEC Question

    In our search for our next boat we are looking at a Glastron GT 205. I was under the impression with VEC that the entire hull and deck surfaces had a smooth gel coat finish. However, in some Glastrons it appears the engine compartment is a matte grey like typical glass w/ bilge coat (or similar). Does anyone know why this is?

    Example from another 07 GT 205

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    Not all the parts of every boat were made with the VEC system, so it can depend on the exact model.

    ​While you posted a pic, I can't see enough in it to say more than that.


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      Here is a pic I took of a GT185 I went to see with the same deal in the engine compartment. You can click on it to see high res. Should be able to make out the bilge and seam at transom.



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        They may have sprayed a layer of chop, with a grey pigment, or painted it