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Anybody Fish San Diego Bay?

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  • Anybody Fish San Diego Bay?

    ..... and care to share good spots/gear recs./techniques?

    Been going out once in a while for past 2 years with minimal success - mostly in the eel grass area between the end of Shelter Island and America's Cup Harbor. Not a big deal, since it's nice just being out there for awhile. But, thinking with some tips I'd do a little better.

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    scsurffishing has members who fish the bay and share techniques frequently.
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      Minuteman - If you go further into the bay there are some Hali's holding up near the Ferry Landing area on Coronado... about 100-150 feet north of the pier. Hali's can also be found in the very southern part of the bay. Dead squid or mackerel work best. The tide changes create a pretty good current so use a 6+ox weight to get it down quick and keep it there. Also note there are LOTS of rays in the Bay and they like this bait as well. Just be ready to pluck out stingers with some pliers. Occasional guitar Fish or Leopard shark in there as well. 20 or less feet of water.

      Top water or a little below the surface will get you a few different types of Bass. Nothing large, but fun. Depending on the water temp you might get Corbina and Bonito running through. Plastics are the best for any of these...something with a nice wiggle in the tail. Lite Blue, white, lite green. I've had a little luck with small spoons.

      If you can get outside the bat a little, the kelp beds are amazing. Fish the edges or drift over the top dropping down into the "holes". Bass, Cuda, Sheepshead, are common. On the edges...especially this time of year you might get a Yellowtail or a Dorado. Saw some about a week ago. Live bait, mid-large size plastics, surface irons or yoyo jigs work best for the larger species. Just depends on if they are deep or shallow. Kelp beds are about 90-100 feet deep at the edge and 60-70 on the drift.

      Good luck
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        inside, with the kayak or the PB, i fish halibut along the first 2-3 green boueys out past the coastguard docks toward the lighthouse / point loma. dines or chovie on a reverse dropper loop right where the drop goes from 25 to 50... Also , the fuel doc on the North Island side is a really good place.

        There are a ton of big sandies out by Zuniga jetty and in the deep spot just past the ballast point coast guard dock...