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  • Live Well Lack

    Looking at a 2002 Parker 2120, and was surprised there is no live well. I have a big, old Igloo cooler, and I was thinking of using that, I bucket or 2 of seawater thrown in, and an aquarium bubbler run thru an inverter - thoughts? Alternatives? As a kid, we used to run a string thru the mouth and out a gill and hang them over the side.
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    Sound like a doable situation IF you can keep the water cool. The problem associated with such a setup is the water gets nasty pretty quick. So removing some and adding new fresh water could help. And you could also freeze some 2 liter bottles and add them to help cool the water. But cool fresh water and plenty of oxygen is a must to keep the fish alive and healthy. JMHO!
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      they have battery powered bait aerators. think aquarium aerator running on d batteries.
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        Aerators, square corner and SW fish don't play well together.
        Cheap and easy....cut a plastic 35 or 55 gallon barrel in half. Use washdown pump or rig a pump off your transom.

        Fill / Circulate water in barrel. Water overflowing the barrel exits boat via cockpit drains. Will keep 50-60 live baits for the day with ease