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New rules for eating fish caught in SF bay?

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  • New rules for eating fish caught in SF bay?

    I was dissapointed to read that eating Stripers or Sturgeon out of the Delta or SF bay is not recommended.
    Please somebody tell me I'm mistaken.

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    The new advisory applies only to fish caught in the San Francisco Bay. Under the new guidelines, children between the ages of one and 17 years, and women between the ages of 18 and 45 should:
    • Not eat any types of shark, surfperch, striped bass, or white sturgeon from the San Francisco Bay
    • Eat no more than one serving per week of white croaker (kingfish) or California halibut, or
    • Eat up to two servings per week of Chinook (king) salmon, red rock crab, jacksmelt or brown rockfish from the Bay.

    Men over 17 years of age and women over 45 years are less susceptible to harm from mercury and PCBs, and can safely eat greater amounts of fish from the San Francisco Bay. They should:
    • Not eat any types of surfperch
    • Eat no more than one serving per week of any type of shark, white croaker (kingfish), or sturgeon, or
    • Eat up to two servings per week of striped bass, jacksmelt, or California halibut, or
    • Eat up to five servings per week of brown rockfish, or red rock crab, or
    • Eat up to seven servings per week of Chinook (king) salmon.



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      All the crud dumped on land, finds its way into rivers, into river deltas, into bays, then into the ocean. Along the way, it finds its way into our food, then into us.
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        Michigan has had those types of warning for years.

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          Just about any body of lake or river has some type of warning


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            The lead and other toxic metals contamination of the rivers leading into SF bay has been known for over 40 years... When I used to live out there they were warning people not to eat ANY fish or crab from the bay.


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              In the Seattle area we've had those warnings for years now, in regards to eating salmon, halibut,and rockfish caught in Puget Sound.
              My take is that most salmon are migratory, and return for spawning up the rivers in late Fall. Some species of salmon do put on a pound per week upon return.. but just catch them early for good eats. LOL Halibut on the other hand are a long-lived fish, so I'd keep portion size very small for any Halibut that weighs over 50 lbs. From what I've read, the mercury content greatly increases as many large breed fish get older and obviously larger.


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                Wait till our Japanese neighbors Nuclear accident affects your fish, then they will make our Atlantic Seafood out of our price range .Makes me want to put in fish pond and farm my own.This will be our year of the 17 year red eye screamers and feed cost would be less .
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                  I guess either mankind adapts or dies. I mean remember not that long ago we were all told to never ever eat eggs because the cholesterol was going to kill you that night if, Haven Forbids, you ate an egg or two for breakfast! Now all of a sudden, the "EGG" has become the best food one can consume. Amazing! Let's face it, not one person is getting out of this life alive. Something will kill you eventually. So take these precautions however you wish and live life and enjoy. Odd how each generation comes up with something new that you should never eat. Gluten Free is the latest I guess. I am not so sure the "Experts" truly knows for certain one way or the other.
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