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    Originally posted by dingbat View Post
    Current Offerings

    The White Marlin Open starts next Monday
    Nice fresh tuna keep sending those photos love them. Use to fish the ocean many years back but live in the desert now so have not been there for many years now. Miss the ocean use to surf and fish when I was way young than now.


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      MJ is in the house....



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        Well my family vacation/fishing trip was last week...

        Launched the boat on Saturday evening in mild conditions. Woke up to white caps and the boat bobbing about 2' up/down in the waves. Said nope....and that continued for a majority of the trip. Finally said the heck with it let's try with the kiddos on Wednesday. Dock was moving a good 1'-1.5' every time the boats moved. Said nope and turned back. Finally stepped foot on my boat Friday morning...no joke.

        Got out to our first fishing spot and went to grab (1) of the (6) poles I brought....got all (6) when I did that. Couldn't untangle them so I ended up cutting them apart and having to restring them all the while fish were jumping around me. Got the first worm cut, on, and both kiddos fishing. Got weeds only. Then oldest's got a rats nest to the point where my wife couldn't clear it so she grabbed her pole to use. Moved to another fishing spot and about that time my middle son's pole got a rats nest I couldn't clear. Put it down to grab another pole and his pole & lure wrapped itself around my bimini.Couldn't free it nicely and darn it if the line held but the pole didn't - snapped that sucker right in 2.

        Took that as a sign that my trip was officially shot to high hell, packed up everything on the boat and said that was enough fishing for the trip. Pulled the boat shortly thereafter.
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          You had to deal with that type weather so that you will love it when it isn't that type weather. As far as the bird nests go (actually called professional over-run) I know exactly what you were going through. But mark my words, the time you take to get the family together, even when it isn't productive for catching fish, still makes fawn memories with your kids. Believe me, it only gets better. And they will remember that day for a life time. So even with a dismal day, you made memories that will be cherished forever. Actually catching fish is icing on the cake for the most part with kids. JMHO
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            briangcc, I have had more than one trip like that hate them but the next good trip will well make up for it. Last trip out caught fish but three lines wrapped around the anchor line Had to pull up anchor line untangle reset anchor and next cast nephew did back on the anchor line. Pulled back up and fish still on the line so got the fish but had to reset anchor again! I'm getting to old to keep yanking and resetting the anchor gets heavier every time I do it.