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Catching the Bigger Ones.

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  • Catching the Bigger Ones.

    Here’s a few vids of trout fishing I made.

    Hope you enjoy!
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    Thanks for sharing again. I'm really enjoying your videos. Currently living vicariously through you lol


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      Somehow a few mins into the videos it stopped and dumped me into a YouTube collage. I'll try later because I do enjoy your stuff. Up here In Ontario we always say Big water, big fish. We live on the north shore of Lake Erie, we catch trophy Walleye and Smallies almost every time out if they are hitting. We also get big Bows and Coho. Lake Ontario holds the 30 lb plus Kings. The very 1st King Salmon I caught was a 32 pounder on Lake Ontario just east of my hometown of Hamilton. At the time the biggest fish I ever landed back in the 80's. It's still the biggest Salmon by 20lbs I ever caught. I thought that day "That was easy." Not.

      edit: Ok kid I watched the 1st video. I have to say I have seen many a Dog on board as a 1st mate but never a Dobbie, never. Catching those nice size peche on a spinning combo must be a blast. We are using basically 7' 6" or 8' 2x2's with level wind line counters that could land a Tarpon up here in Ontario. I tried trolling with a med. action Shimano combo and a 11 pound Walleye snapped it in half!! Fun tough. Keep them videos coming. Send WFN a video or more everyday until they are so sick of you they will ask you to come in. No emails, mail in the discs. That's what a guy I know did 20 years ago sending grainy VHS everyday to all the Canadian Networks and production companies. His show has been on now for over 12 years world wide if I am right. Fishfull Thinking.
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