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Bass Fishing Question for Large Lakes

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  • Bass Fishing Question for Large Lakes

    I am now to Bass fishing and i have been reading about guys fishing creeks in large lakes and using terms like fishing up River on a lake. Can anybody help me out with what they mean or how to locate these areas, I hope I'm making sense. Thank you.

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    Hi Ryan,

    Lakes, especially lake created by damming a river, have the riverbed on the bottom of the lake. When they talk about fishing the river, they mean using a fish finder to locate the the riverbed on shallower lakes or fishing the streams and rivers feeding the lake.

    Easiest thing is to get a map of the lake and see where streams or rivers enter the lake and use that as a starting point. Then you start a lifetime of learning.
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      Like GA said, many times they are referring to fishing into the feeder creeks and/or rivers of the lake. You will actually leave the "lake" and get into the flowing water of the creek or river. Lake Raystown, where I do the majority of my fishing, is almost 30 miles long and 195 feet deep at the dam. There are several smaller feeder creeks that flow into the lake, but the main river (Raystown branch of the Juniata) kind of just "becomes" the lake where the water is about 10 feet deep. You can go up river with a motor boat to the old nuclear reactor dam, about 2 or 3 miles past the lake. It is that stretch that is considered "fishing the river" in Raystown. In the lake we will fish the "old river bed." Just the terms we use locally for the areas we fish.


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        Thank you for the information!!!


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          All that already stated is true and valuable info...I'm saying the same thing...just want you to know it works everywhere, even in Cal (Lake Almanor 26k acres)....I fish the 'river' but it is the old bed that is at the bottom of the lake. It flowed through the meadow before the dam decades ago. It ends up at the pipe inlet that delivers water to allow the river below the dam to continue on down the canyon...so there is a natural cold water 'river' from the inlet area to that pipe across the length of the lake. There is no natural outlet so this is the only 'river' we got.


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