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help, Fisherman's birthday gift advice

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  • help, Fisherman's birthday gift advice

    Hello Iboat forum,

    As you guys can see from the title I am in need of a little I am in need of a little help when it comes o buying my grandfather a birthday gift. This will be the first year I am able to get him something and I want it to be something special that he will actually use. We have already planned to go on a fishing trip so while we are out it would be great to present him with a present.

    My grandfather goes out on his boat up and down the river every weekend fishing without fail, my grandmother says he loves fishing more than her he is that in love with the sport. So I thought of getting him something to use while fishing was a great idea. Now, I don't really know anything about fishing, I get the basic concept but when it comes to reels, rods, and other equipment I don't know where to start and I would just get it wrong so I'm going down the root of a nice knife with something engraved on the side. All I have in mind is ordering something from here http://www.for-sale.co.uk/chef-knifes but I know there is much better out there. I was hoping that some of you guys could point me in the right direction of a decent cooking knife that is also engravable.

    I know you guys haven't got a lot to go off but all suggestions and ideas will be greatly appreciated if there is any other information that you guys need that will help you help me please comment below and I will get back to you ASAP.

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    Some kind of personalized / engraved fillet knife would be good as a gift for a fisherman. Fillet knife might be the single piece of fishing gear I use on each and every trip.
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      I second that.Get a Cuda knife.


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        A fillet knife sounds perfect then. In terms of brand and design, what do you fishermen like best? Thanks for the replies guys


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          Im now a fan of the Cuda brand.


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            I will be checking out the Cuba brand now thanks


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              If you get one take it somewheres and get his name engraved in it!Nice touch.ajgraz i just read your post,nice thinking,lol.


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                Whatever you get him he will cherish. A knife is a fantastic idea, I have had 1 for 40 years now, it's a Rappala. The best knife for the value. I haven't any experience with a Cuba knife. All I know is that if you look at the knives out there they are all knock off Rappalas.
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