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Winter night bass

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  • Winter night bass

    I hadn't planned to go fishing tonight but at about 4:00 pm I got a call asking if I wanted to go and of coarse I went. We went to Barren in Ky down around the dam. The bite was slow during the daylight but after dark things picked up some.I used a underspin with a swimbait on it.This is also a bait I have a love/hate relationship with but after casting a swim jig till dark I knew it was time for a change.This fish came out of what I'm thinking was a brush pile off a secondary point.

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    Hot dang that's a nice bass!
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      Thanks the lakes more known for its hybrid bass and striper fishing but it also has a very healthy largemouth population.This time of year the lake is drawn way down so it causes the fish to stack on available cover.In fact the stump beside me in the picture is normally under 10-15 ft of water in the spring and summer.