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Yamaha 40 HP or Fuel Tank/Hose

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  • Yamaha 40 HP or Fuel Tank/Hose

    Hey guys,

    Just got a new/used key west skiff and everything has been running fine until today, and me being a new boat owner I'm a little paranoid and want to know what the problem could be?

    Boat runs fine until I put it in full throttle and get on plane it starts to lose power and goes down in RPMS after about 30 seconds; but it wont fully stop just enough to come off plane. I'm thinking it might be the fuel/water separator but it had this problem when I first purchased the boat and the put all new tubing, new separator, and flushed the system...

    When it starts losing power if I press the primer bulb it bumps it back up to full power? I'm taking the boat back tomorrow to the dealership.

    Any, thoughts on what the problem could be and roughly the cost?


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    Re: Yamaha 40 HP or Fuel Tank/Hose

    Leak in fuel line somewhere? Sucking air?

    Keep us posted, I'm interested in the answer.

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