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1989 Yamaha 15LF head gasket

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  • 1989 Yamaha 15LF head gasket

    OK - newbie here! I searched this forum for advice, and I'm getting conflicting info.

    I'm chasing down a cooling problem with this 1989 Yamaha 15LF. No water stream when I start it up. Starts great!, just no tell tale water.

    First question - shouldn't the stream appear within a few seconds of starting? I'm assuming the tell tale is on the supply side of the thermostat, and would be visible with the thermostat either open or closed..

    Second - Do Yamaha gaskets of this vintage need sealer or not. I'm talking the thermostat gasket as well as the head gasket.

    Third - Are gaskets even needed in these two locations? Wouldn't RTV silicone work on the thermostat housing?