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15 hp 2 stroke yamaha

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  • 15 hp 2 stroke yamaha

    I have a 15 hp 2 stroke yamaha outboard motor and I believe the year for it is 2002. The other day when I took it out the motor wouldn't consistently pee (don't know what it is really called). I got it home and took the lower unit off thinking the water pump was bad; it looks brand new but there was parts of the old one still in the housing. I took the parts I could find out and put it back together. I put the ear muffs on the motor and started it, had the same problem. I took it apart again and there was more parts of the old water pump in the housing again so I get them all out. I then hooked the muffs up to the lower unit when it was off the motor and flushed the area under the water pump out. I then hooked the hose up to the line where the water should be coming out of and flushed that area out. I hooked everything back up and still have the same problem. I was thinking there could be a thermostat on the motor that is malfunctioning but can't find any information on this motor. What could be the problem with this thing?

    Thanks in advance

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    It's the water tube they turn to sheet I know its years too late for an answer but maybe it will help someone mine turned to dust it's a ph pull and new tube it's not as hard as a merc or rude to fix I did it in half an hour just order the midsection gasket water tube and grommets