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1990 225 HP Yamaha (ETXD)--TPS Questions

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  • 1990 225 HP Yamaha (ETXD)--TPS Questions


    I replaced the fuel pumps and cleaned the carbs on my "new" 1990 225 HP Yamaha (2-Stroke) last weekend and I want to make sure the TPS sensor is set correctly before I attempt to start it. I was careful not to move the lever on the TPS sensor but I have no idea if it was set correctly prior to me working on it. The former owner said that he cleaned the carbs but could not get it to run well since and I have not even heard the engine run yet. (It has sat for 4 years since the former owner worked on it)--

    Is there a tried and true way to check that TPS to make sure it is set properly for idle and then wide open throttle? I'm in search of a technical manual so hopefully I will be able to answer this in a few weeks but if anyone out there can give me a few pointers on the correct TPS readings and which leads I need to check to determine same, I would very much appreciate it.

    Also can anyone point me in the right direction for finding a factory manual for this engine? If I simply need to get it online or from a Yamaha dealer, would you happen to know the part number for a 1990 225ETXD?