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Yamaha 703 remote switch wiring help - urgent!

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  • Yamaha 703 remote switch wiring help - urgent!

    Hi folks, I posted a while ago about getting a replacement switch for my 703 remote, used on a 1995 130 HP outboard.

    The problem is, the new switch is slightly different from the old one. The original one has 5 wires, the new one 6, with a spare blue terminal. Similarly the old switch had 3 double yellow connectors, but the new one only has two. Consequently, I'm having trouble hooking all of the wires together. The tilt/trim works, the engine fires, and the buzzer sounds, but the choke switch doesnt work. Ive changed the connectors to ensure that the choke works, but the buzzer doesn't, as its obviously not connected!

    Ive tried connecting the spare blue from the switch to the buzzer yellow/red stripe connector, but it doesnt work. I've looked at a wiring schematic, and everything seems connected, but the lack of the 3rd double connector means I'm one connector short.

    Am I on safe ground leaving the buzzer disconnected? I dont know whether the yellows are live feeds and whether I could splice the 2 together, but loathe to do so without expert help!

    I have actually removed the buzzer unit as that was the only way I could fit all of the wires back in! Its almost impossible.

    Many thanks