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New Remote on a 1990 Yamaha 130hp ?

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  • New Remote on a 1990 Yamaha 130hp ?

    Quick question. I have a 1990 Yamaha 130hp 2 stroke on my Grady White. The current remote on it now is looking tired, I tried to find a part number for it on the net but could not but it is all chrome and is a flush mount unit (The key and safety laynard are on a different panel). I want to upgrade to the new Premium Flush Side Mount Control (Yamaha part #6X0-48206-12-00). The Yamaha site says it will fit. I figure when I repower down the line it will be with a Yamaha 150hp 4 stroke anyhow. Is there anything else that will be required for install or will this be plug and play?
    '90 Grady White 190 Tournament w/130hp Yamaha
    '07 Glastron GXL 185 (4.3L MPI)
    '08 Smokercraft 14' w/20hp Mercury 4stroke
    '96 Doral 170BR (90hp Yamaha) (Past)

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    Re: New Remote on a 1990 Yamaha 130hp ?

    The 704 remotes are the one thing that hasn't changed over the years. Everything should fit.

    IBoats.com sells all the parts for your remote if required.