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Yamaha 1988 150hp alarm buzzing. To "Redbolt"

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  • Yamaha 1988 150hp alarm buzzing. To "Redbolt"

    Hi. I am new to the forum and Google searched my issue and found your replies to many folks and seem to be the most knowledgable guy I have read about. I just got back from a bass tournament in the California Delta and had an issue I thought I would ask you about.

    I have a 1988 Yamaha 150 OB. Runs like a champ. During the weekend, I was in some weeds and the alarm started to go off. I got out of the weeds, cleared what little grass was covering the water intake, ran a little bit and then it cleared. Later, I was running slow, and it went off again. Ran it slow and it fixed itself again. I was running fasti in some choppy water and it went off again, the engine bogged down. I ran it slow for a bit and again it corrected itself.

    Very frustrating. Based on your knowledge, what do ou think it is and what should I do to test?

    BTW, engine oil in in remote tank was about 50-60 percent full.

    I appreciate any advice you have,


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    Re: Yamaha 1988 150hp alarm buzzing. To "Redbolt"

    If you are looking for Rodbolt, he has not posted here for some time.

    I would change the water pump, could have damaged it