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82 suzuki dt115 power trim doesn't work, tilt does

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  • 82 suzuki dt115 power trim doesn't work, tilt does

    hi everyone. new to the site. just bought my first boat. an 81 glastron ssv-167 with suzuki dt115 outboard. just took it out for the first time today. found a problem (as i expected). so the power tilt cylinder will fully raise and lower the motor. however once it gets down to sitting on the dual trim cylinders it no longer will go down. the switch for the trim tilt gauge is also not pressed, so being a newbie i know that it should go down further. so what could be the problem? when it hits the bottom of the tilt cylinder the electric motor is still running but it doesn't move. how does it switch power from the tilt cylinder to the trim cylinder(s). i opened the motor to take off the pump, wish i hadn't cause it might be a pain to put back together but should be able to manage. i'm a good mechanic when it comes to cars but boats are totally new to me so i have a lot to learn. this problem is going to keep me off the lake so hoping to get it figured out. Thanks for any help!!

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    Re: 82 suzuki dt115 power trim doesn't work, tilt does

    i was also an auto mechanic, that now works on boats. there is some overlap.your boat,first get the factory suzuki manual it helped me alot.both cylinders workn in unison as far as i can tell. make sure saftey isn't set,its a lever thats meant to hold motor up when nyou travel/tow boat.must of use use transome saver,as it puts less stress on boat.second there is a screw on hyrdo cylinder,turn it and it releases pressure and moytor should do all the way down.if motor is moving up and down part way, im guess saftey is set.
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