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Yamaha 1996 C115 overheating alarm/salt deposits?

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  • Yamaha 1996 C115 overheating alarm/salt deposits?

    I have an issue that keeps repeating with my Yamaha motor. When I am cruising on plane for about 10-12 minutes my motor dramatically drops in rpms and my engine alarm goes off. I turn off the ignition and the alarm goes off. I leave the motor off for about 20-30 seconds, start up the motor, and the alarm is no longer going off. So I get up on plane and proceed to my destination. When I spoke to my mechanic about bringing it in, he told me that he thought there were salt deposits in one or both of the heads (motor is 16 years old). He suggested to trouble shoot the engine before I bring it in by running the engine at about 2500-3000 rpms and below 2500 rpms. If the issue occurs at the higher rpms, but not the lower rpms, that it was probably salt in the heads. I have never heard of this before. Anybody hear of this? I'm going to take the boat out and test it according to his directions, but was curious if anyone else heard of this issue before. Thanks.


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    Re: Yamaha 1996 C115 overheating alarm/salt deposits?

    When was the last time you inspected or changed the water pump? or have you not done that in some years?

    You can pull and test the thermostats and the temp alarm sensor(switch) to make sure they operate at the proper temperature.

    These are the 1st things I would do to my motor before pulling heads.
    20-30 seconds is not very long to cool off a motor that is overheated