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My 703 Remote and 25 HP Yamaha

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  • My 703 Remote and 25 HP Yamaha

    I was in the process of hooking up a fish finder when this all started. I was using a pos.+ wire (red) for my power and ground was a black - inside the 703 remote.

    Recently when I start my 25 HP Yamaha, the engine will not shut down. It even starts without the lanyard latched in. I noted in an earlier post that if you ground they white wire coming off the lanyard switch, it will stop. This works. My question is, how would this just start like this.

    Would this indicate a bad kill switch, or bad ignition?

    Any suggestions?

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    Re: My 703 Remote and 25 HP Yamaha

    "inside the 703 remote" if you removed the back cover to try to connect up the wiring then a wire connection is probably loose or connected incorrectly. Connect your fish finder to a seperate fused panel coming from the battery, or if need be from the acces. wire coming out of the 703, not recommended. Once everything is put back properly then test the ignition switch and the kill switch seperatly good luck!!!