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1984 Suzuki 50hp Lower Unit Damaged

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  • 1984 Suzuki 50hp Lower Unit Damaged

    I need advice where to find a rare lower unit for this motor. There is a crack in the lower unit caused by freezing water. The power head was running great but i can't find a replacement lower unit. The gears were grinding and now forward doesn't engage. Do I scrap the motor and I can't find parts?

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    Re: 1984 Suzuki 50hp Lower Unit Damaged

    Dont scrap that lower unit, if the damage is not that severe try to rebuild it. Is the case damaged or is it just gears and bearings. If its gears and bearings its rebuildable if its the case it might be weldable.

    I was told to find a used replacement for my 99 DF70 either a new one $2,500 or a used one $1,400. Instead I had it welded (aluminum) and replaced bearings and seals. Works fine now. Funny no boat tech would touch it down here where I live. Thats why I took it upon myself to rebuild it. But here is the thing Im a auto mechanic not a boat mechanic. Go figure! Oh yeah I spent $430.00 on parts big diff if you do it yourself.