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50 hp Yamaha, not sure of year, YAM 50 DETO, 6H5 L 411244, not firing.

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  • 50 hp Yamaha, not sure of year, YAM 50 DETO, 6H5 L 411244, not firing.

    Sorry but I'm a little confused and not sure where to start since I am totally unfamiliar with Yamaha outboard's. I know what I suspect but prefer to get other opinions of how to go about diagnosing this one. I got this pontoon from an "ol' buddy". It had been sitting in the water for over a year without even cranking. According to him it had been running fine, easy start, no problem. I knew it wouldn't start when I made the deal to take it off his hands.
    It just spins over, will not hit, using a spark checker it's not getting any fire. I normally check for output from stator to CDI then from CDI to coil. I'm not familiar with some of the things such as control units, lightning coil, pulser coil etc... so kinda need a little explanation as we go if you fella's would be so kind as to help me out a little here.
    THANKS! and a little help with the year model would be great too. I'm on a different computer now and all my old links are on the one I had which crashed... so I'm a bit handicapped today.

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    Re: 50 hp Yamaha, not sure of year, YAM 50 DETO, 6H5 L 411244, not firing.

    Boy I feel dumb! It was TOO SIMPLE/TOO OBVIOUS... kill switch.... but I'd still like to know what year it is. From all references I've found it looks like it may be a 1987