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1995 yamaha 75 hp 2 stroke

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  • 1995 yamaha 75 hp 2 stroke

    What is the oil to gas ration on a 1995 yamaha 75 hp 2 stroke?
    What kind of oil should i use. Synthetic or regular oil? I think previous owner used synthetic blend. Found old bottle in boat.
    Just bought a 16' hewes with this engine. Cleaned it all up. Looks great, but don't know oil to gas ratio.
    Anxiously awaiting a response.

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    Re: 1995 yamaha 75 hp 2 stroke

    I use the Pennzoil 100% Synthetic Outboard Motor Oil(Walmart $27/gallon) with great success, it's not cheap but smokes less and seems to produce less carbon. Use 2.6 ounces of oil per gallon of gas, which is 50/1 ratio. Install a fuel/water seperator(Walmart $27), easy 2 screw installation, will save you trouble with water, ethanol, debris in fuel system. Drain carbs float chambers a couple of times per year to remove any water or debris that may collect there. Clean, fresh fuel and you're pretty much home free on these motors! Good Luck!