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suzuki dt 115 water pump alarm

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  • suzuki dt 115 water pump alarm

    today i took the boat out that i just bought not even a week ago. this is the 2nd time i took it out. todays problem is after running the motor for about 30 minutes, i stopped to fish and before i turned the motor off,the red light came on for the water pump(i guess) then the alarm came on. i took the cover off to see if there was something i could do, but nothing. so i trimmed the motor up so that only the foot was in the water and the alarm and the light went off. so i ran the boat for maybe another 15 minutes with no problems. but as i got the boat out of the water i started the engine to get all the water out and the light and alarm came on again. any suggestions?

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    Re: suzuki dt 115 water pump alarm

    Never run the motor with out water to the lower unit/ water pump , it will hurt the rubber impeller.
    If this has been a normal routine for you I would be looking at replacing the water pump