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150 HP VMax Yamaha

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  • 150 HP VMax Yamaha

    New to the forum and i was wondering if yall could give me a little help.

    Im in the process of rebuilding my 2000 model 150hp VMax, it spit a ring and scored the journel on the crankshaft. It also took a chunk of the piston out and got the inside of the block prety good. I know i am going to need a block and crank$$$$$. I have found an older complete powerhead 150 HP Yamaha an early 90s and i was wondering if the crank in it would work in the 2000 model 150hp VMax, That way i would only have to find a block.

    Thanks for any input

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    Re: 150 HP VMax Yamaha

    No help guys?


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      Re: 150 HP VMax Yamaha

      crank damagage was NOT caused by the ring.
      it WAS caused by debris coming through the airbox, an oiling system failure OR a fuel pump diaphram failure.
      thats about all that causes crank damage.
      there were some crank changes, all you can do is look up both the original part, and its suppercessions and the replacement part # you wish to use.
      for the most part blocks can typically be rebored or resleeved and saved.
      cranks, if only 1 journal is bad can be repaired by places like OCC or Ackermanns marine.
      rods can be obtained sometimes aftermarket as can some bearings.
      no tech questions by PM, they wont get answered.
      you have to be trusted by the people that you lie to .