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How to tell Arctic Spirit (suzuki) model/year??

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  • How to tell Arctic Spirit (suzuki) model/year??

    Hey everyone. I have an old Arctic Spirit 50 horse outboard (2-stroke) that is need of a new water pump and other misc service. I'm having trouble determining the year and model of the motor, and am wondering if there is a trick to finding more info or if this info is hidden somewhere that I am just not seeing. There is a little bit of info on the side of the mount that I presume to be a serial number (5001 in one section and F-11135 in another section) but thus far has provided me with nothing solid. A local shop wasn't familiar and made some calls for me suggesting it is possibly a DT50 but he really didn't know for sure. The only indication I have to year is that it's on a 1980 Lund Mr. Pike but I have no idea if previous owner purchased motor with boat. Anybody out there with some experience that can point me in the right direction? Thanks in advance for your help.

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    Re: How to tell Arctic Spirit (suzuki) model/year??


    I have a '79 20 hp, I found parts at Brown Point Marine Service
    sigpic1982 Lund S-16 w/ Spirit 20 hp