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yamaha 70 piston/engine condition.

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  • yamaha 70 piston/engine condition.

    i took some photos of my yamaha 70 pistons cause i am installing a new head gasket.

    can anyone tell me anything about the operation of this engine by looking at the pistons?
    note that all surfaced are just sprayed with a light oil before taking the pictures, so everything has a yellow glance. and i know the pitcures are not too good, i am just curious.

    it seems they are all burned in the same spots in all cylinders, i found some
    small vertical marks in cyl nr 1, as showed here:

    should i dissasemble completely and hone the cylinder or is this a to small scratch to bother? i can barely feel its there with my fingernail. if i did not see it i would not have noticed it.

    the engine was operating flawlessly before i disasembled it.

    i am just learning this stuff