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1997 150 yamaha saltwater series/running hot ???

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  • 1997 150 yamaha saltwater series/running hot ???

    I just purchased a 97 scout 192 sportfisherman lastweek.It has a very nice yamaha 150 saltwater series.Ran it for the first time monday alarm goes off.Indicates running hot on gauge.Allow to sit and goes off run again gets to about 40mph goes off again.Let sit idling stops,run again same thing.Dropped it off at shop so it can be looked at.He calls today says he replaced water pump checked thermostats and lower unit, everything looks good.Checked compression everything is good there, but still running hot.He said temp was 170 should be around 130.I read another on here sounded like simaliar problem and someone said to check filter on remote oil tank.I dont know if he has checked this but i will mention it to him.If not that what could be some other possibilities ????

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    Re: 1997 150 yamaha saltwater series/running hot ???

    If it is the TEMP alarm going off, I doubt it is an oil issue. Usually when the temp alarm goes off it is due to one of the following:

    Impeller Needs Replacing
    Thermostats Need Replacing
    Temp Senders Need Replacing
    PRV Needs Replacing


    Something is blocking water flow through the block (salt/corrosion/bits of an old impeller.

    I doubt it is an oil transfer issue though. If you're not getting oil transfer, your oil alarms would be going off.
    1990 Cabo 204 Centercon Yamaha 150