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Yamaha remote oil....NO OIL RODBOLT HELP!!!!!

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  • Yamaha remote oil....NO OIL RODBOLT HELP!!!!!


    i have been having alot of problems with my 04 150 VMAX model V150tlrc. I am getting oil only throught the emergency switch. Been to 2 yamaha dealers and one said its the module, the other said its the ecm. Bought both and nothing. I have replaced the oil sender and still nothing. I have drained the oil tank on the motor as per your instructions, and with key on engine off nothing. I have checked to see if there is power (brown wire leads into yellow) to the transfer pump when key on and there is, but no oil. I have tried to test the 3 switches and the only one that tests is the alarm bluered to black. I cant get the bluegreen to black or bluewhite to black to do anything.

    PLEASE PLEASE HELP. I have been paying all these idiots to order parts, and its prob a simple fix. One yamaha dealer told me to solve the problem sell the boat and buy a new one. the other told me to take my POS and never come back..... can you please help me????

    Is there anyway for me to get in touch with you while i am at the boat???

    I would be willing to compensate you for your time. you seem to know these very well.

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    Re: Yamaha remote oil....NO OIL RODBOLT HELP!!!!!

    yes, let me clear my PM box, its been overfull for a bit.
    sorry you have no real trained techs in your area but at least you have some good spare parts.
    however your story does sound fishy as the module is built into the ECM.
    no tech questions by PM, they wont get answered.
    you have to be trusted by the people that you lie to .


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      Re: Yamaha remote oil....NO OIL RODBOLT HELP!!!!!

      My two cents (nope only have one!) rodbolt will get you up and going if you do what he say's to do!! But,just the same,have you checked the oil in-line filter located on side off tank?Just a thought!
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        Re: Yamaha remote oil....NO OIL RODBOLT HELP!!!!!


        i sent you a PM as per your request. Is there a chance you might be able to guide me as to what to do now? Thanks