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1999 Yamaha 150 OX66 won't charge battery - Help Please-

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  • 1999 Yamaha 150 OX66 won't charge battery - Help Please-

    Had this motor on a used Skeeter I bought a couple years ago, and I've been battling battery/charging troubles non-stop since I've owned it. Basically the battery won't charge. We've put a new stator in, tried a two battery system, diff. batteries, and just recently put in a new rectifier. I thought we finally had the problem fixed after putting in the new rectifier, because the output on the motor went from a max of about 12.6v to a little over 14 when I tested it in the driveway, but after a day on the water, the battery gradually wound down, and eventually went dead. Tested it again on the water, and it was only charging to a little over 12 again. Huh??? Anyway, brought it home, charged the battery, and tested it again in the driveway today. It was charging at a little over 14 again. I don't get it. Any clues on what to check or look for? Thanks much.

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    Re: 1999 Yamaha 150 OX66 won't charge battery - Help Please-

    carefully test the stator output, the specs are in the tune up guide and the service manual, if stator output is ok the test the rectifier output.
    if you have loose battery cables(wing nuts) or a bad cable it will burn a new rectifier.
    I try not to replace any component unless my test equipment shows its failed.
    no tech questions by PM, they wont get answered.
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