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2005 60HP EFI Yamaha 4 stroke

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  • 2005 60HP EFI Yamaha 4 stroke

    Hi guys! New here and just looking for a little info.

    I'm looking at an '05 60HP 4 stoke to put on my 19 Triron Frontier. It's currently underpowered with a 40hp Merc 2 stroke. I'm getting some mixed reviews. Most people are telling me the motors are great but some are also saying the Yamaha's are not as "powerful" at the same HP level as a mercury or Evinrude. Any truth to this. The boats used mainly as a duck hunting boat with a pretty heavy load (3 guys, 80 dekes and weights, dog)and I'm just trying to get an idea of what I can expect from where I'm at with the Mercury 40.

    Any info would be appreciated. Thanks!