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1996 Yamaha 150HP V6 Outboard - Hesitant

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  • 1996 Yamaha 150HP V6 Outboard - Hesitant

    I have a 1996 Yamaha 150HP V6 Outboard premix 2 stroke. I have recently had the carbs, new plugs, lower Gear Oil all cleaned and replaced. The boat starts magnificently and runs with no problem in a slow idle.

    As soon as I press the throttle above 2000 RPM the motor begins to hesitate and bog out. I immediatlely have to switch back to forward idle to keep it running. Fuel separator (Rakor) have no water nor does the fuel filter.

    Can anyone give me some pointers on how to trouble shoot why this is happening.?I lent out the boat to a friend who swears he put the correct oil to gas mixture. I don't want to empty the tank as it is built into the boat. Should this be the first place I start or could it be something else?

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    Re: 1996 Yamaha 150HP V6 Outboard - Hesitant

    Definite signs of a fuel restriction, I would look towards the fuel pumps if they weren't replaced at the time of the other service.


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      Re: 1996 Yamaha 150HP V6 Outboard - Hesitant

      Thanks for the reply Ray. I'll look into it.