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suzuki dt65 with na12s remote ignition switch problem

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  • suzuki dt65 with na12s remote ignition switch problem

    Hi all. I finally got a chance to get my boat out in the water. Only problem was my ignition/key switch froze. I finally freed it up, but I ended up buying a new one to replace it. I tested it with a continuity tester before installing, to make sure I was matching it up correctly. the wirig colors didnt match, but I figured out with the tester what matched up from the old switch to the new. I installed it and everything worked...the push to choke, the on(acc.) the start. BUT, when I went to turn it off, the engine stayed running. Well, I figured Id disconnect the battery, but it was still running. I didnt really know how to kill the engine, so I pulled the plugs to turn it off. Now, the suzuki dt65 I have has the na12s remote control. It had two plug keys for the start and for the kill switch. The switch i replaced it with was a keyed switch with the same 6 wires the old one had. All other connections remained the same (i.e kill switch) all wirein the new switch matched up, but I got confused with the grounds, or blacks. The old switch had two blacks, one of which ran to a connector which split, going to the kill switch and I think the harness. the new one had a black and a black with yellow stripe. Now, on the old one, one of the 2 black wires was not connected. I figured it was for a rpm guage or something else the boat doesnt have. which one, I really dont know, as the old switch was in what looked like a resin/plastic seal with no labels. So, the new one I tried connecting both black and black/yellow seperately, to the black in the box that was originally connected, and neither way worked. I believe they both were labeled with a W on the new switch. Anyway, if anyone knows what I am doing wrong, please let me know. Any help would be much apprecated. Also, I would like to know what kind of shut off these outboards have? I would assume it's some sort of short to kill the engine, and obviously it runs without the battery . I guess it's something that takes place in the cdi box? but in case of an emergency, what's the best way to kill the engine if the starter switch isnt working, as well as the kill switch built into the remote conol box. I am hoping it is just a simple wiring error. Do you think It could be the switch. I mean, everyhting else worked fine. What is it in a ignition switch that turns the engine off. I would assume it's not a ground cut-off, because wouldnt it have turned off by diconnecting the battery. Is it something active(powered) through on of the wires that turns it off, or is it a disconnection in the wiring that kills it. In other words, is it something I can find by testing it with a tester, and either get power from one of the wires when the key is turned to off position. I guess, basically, in layman's terms what's the basic anatomy of the ignition switch off position and what actually turns the engine off. I am hoping this is a stupid question with a simple solution that I will kick myself for not knowing.lol. Thanks again...

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    Re: suzuki dt65 with na12s remote ignition switch problem

    Ahhhh. figured it out. Thanks for all who read. It ended up that the (not so) original wiring was not connected right and I was following that as reference. The green coming out of the na12s wiring harness is the kill (which was originally not even connected to the switch. I tested the ignition switch with a tester and in the off position, the black and black/yellow stripe showed continuity power. So, I connected the black back to the ground and the black/yellow to the green, and everything is working fine.