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Suzuki 200-225 1990

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  • Suzuki 200-225 1990

    How can you determine shaft length of an engine? Specifically the big suzukis 200-225 without tearing down to measure the shaft. I must replace a lower unit but the 200 unit is unknown and the engine lower unit I am looking at is 25". Would the lower units be compatible regardless of length or is this critical. thanks for any help fast.

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    Re: Suzuki 200-225 1990

    yes, the length is critical.best answer i can provide is to look at the relationship of the lower part of the pivot assembly-where the lower vibration mount connects. if that is below the bottom of the transom bracket its the 25" shaft, if above or equal then the 20.i too have had that question and scrutiny of the old catalog info is how i came up with this.