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Yamaha 200 ETXN Carb Draining Gas

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  • Yamaha 200 ETXN Carb Draining Gas

    Hey Yall,

    I have a 200 ETXN that was gifted to me that I am finally getting on my 74 Mako 20. I cleaned out the carbs, new NGK plugs, replaced the fuel lines, and deleted the oil pump (it wasnt complete) in favor of premix.

    My new problem is that when I pump the bulb it wont hold pressure because the middle carb begins to drain immediately from the starboard front facing brass fitting. I am not sure how to proceed so I thought I would ask the people who know much more than I do.

    I have highlighted the fitting in question in the picture below. Thank yall ahead of time for any help. Click image for larger version

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    I just realized I didnt include some of the vital information. It is a 1986 2-stroke 200. I think I must have some trash in the carb so the needle isnt seating correctly and is causing the overflow. Am I on the right track?