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Yamaha 50 TLRZ Alarm with TRIM???

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  • Yamaha 50 TLRZ Alarm with TRIM???

    I've got a Yamaha 50 TLRZ that started alarming today. Ran fine previously. I run in salt water but flush after every use.

    Here's the deal... New impeller, housing & gaskets, all new seals in the lower unit. I've had it out 3 times since then with no issues and strong pee stream. This just started today.

    I was told the oil system was disconnected but the tank is still on the motor (and FULL) right now and has been since I got it). I mix 50:1 as did previous owner.

    I've got a Faria Tachometer so no digital Yamaha gauges to tell me if it's temp or oil.

    Here's the odd part... It only alarms if I trim UP a bit. trimmed down (just past vertical) it is fine but go to try and trim it level, you guessed it... ALARM!

    Any ideas where to begin my troubleshooting?

    I've got no idea when the last time the thermostat was changed, or the poppit valve but thought I'd ask you folks first before I start breaking thermostat housing bolts off! Ha, ha!

    Thanks in advance,

    1990 Cabo 204 Centercon Yamaha 150

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    Just for kicks and grins, I just filled the oil tank on the motor to FULL. No alarm when I trim up or down... Now, I'm concerned that I'm running the motor with not only "premix" from the gas tank but that it is also mixing at the carbs via VST system...

    How can I test the automatic oil system to be sure it is not working, without removing the pump to check for a shaft.

    I assume that oil level in the tank has dropped, causing the alarm but was told it was disconnected. Wouldn't I notice a SUPER RICH system? No excessive smoke in the dozen times I've had it out. Sadly, I never checked the oil level in the tank since I was told it had been disconnected...

    1990 Cabo 204 Centercon Yamaha 150