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Yamaha 9.9 2 STROKE no start

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  • Yamaha 9.9 2 STROKE no start

    I have a 2008 YAMAHA 9.9 2 STROKE MANUAL START. I bought it with a seized powerhead. It was missing the carb and linkages as well. I bought a 1996 15 hp powerhead and carb from ebay. I installed it on the outboard that had the bad powerhead. I can't get it to start. I get a little pop once in a while when pulling the starter rope. Compression is good and nice spark on both CYLINDERS. I transferred the electronics and flywheel from the 9.9 that had the seized powerhead over to the good 15 hp powerhead. One thing it looks like I am missing is a rod that goes from the air silencer pivot to I am guessing somewhere on the throttle linkage? I sprayed some starting fluid right into the carb throat to confirm it is not a fuel problem. The spark plugs are getting wet with fuel from the attempts to start the engine. Seems like timing or something? Shouldn't I have been able to switch the electronics and flywheel over to the replacement powerhead without having to re adjust anything or am I missing something? Please help i have a lot of money invested in this so far. Thank you

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    Might want to compare flywheels and make sure the ignition flywheel magnets are in the exact same position as the original flywheel. Also confirm that the crankshaft keyway for the flywheel is in the same position.

    Sounds like your spark is occurring at the wrong time..


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      The flywheel is the same one I had on the 9.9. It was transferred to the new powerhead along with the IGNITION components from the 9.9


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        One thing I noticed is I am missing the rod that goes from the intake silencer pivot to the timing link that comes out from under the flywheel. I ordered one and it should be here next week. Looks like it's function is to stabilize the timing link and also to position the link when pulling the CHOKE KNOB out to to start the engine. My thinking is that link may be jumping all over when I am trying to start it up. I will check this tonight and see if it is moving around when pulling the starter rope. Anyone think this could be going down the right road?


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          I guess that rod your missing, wasn't on either engine?

          In any event, you confirmed spark, you are getting fuel (wet plugs)
          You have good compression, not much left but the timing of the spark-wrong time, it won't run..

          Timing off a hair will cause issues. You don't know how far out (if any), the other motor was- Someone very well could have dinked with it..

          I suspect your on the right track, get that rod installed and adjusted and go from there..