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DT30 Starting issue

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  • DT30 Starting issue

    Hi All,

    Im having a strange issue with my 2012 Suzuki DT30.
    The motor will start quick and strong but the second it fires then it dies.
    If I open the throttle then it will rev up a bit higher but this only lasts for about 0.5 of a seconds and it dies.
    I have tried starting liquid and putting raw fuel in the pistons and I get the same issue.

    1) Primer bulb stays hard
    2) Fuel filter stays full
    3) Clean fresh fuel
    4) New Spark Plugs
    5) Confirmed spark on both cylinders
    6) Compression equal on both cylinders

    It seems that onces it fires the CDI or something tells it to cut, sounds strange but that I what it seems like.
    I know that these CDIs have a build in rev limitter if there is no load on the engine. Does this sound like a CDI related issue.
    Are there any suggestions, could there be anything else that could cause this?
    Could it be something wrong with the reed valves, crank case pressure? Im at a total loss.

    Any advice will be greatly appreciated.