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Intermittent power loss on F150 four stroke

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  • Intermittent power loss on F150 four stroke

    Hello everyone. I am new to the forum. I hope that you can help me with a problem, lol.

    I have a 2005 Century 1801 center console with a Yamaha F150TXRD four stroke. The motor has run like a champ until this year. Last year we were unable to use the boat due to personal reasons. My son and I got on the lake this Spring just to get out and get ready for the Summer. The motor started flawlessly. Initiated full throttle and it barely hit maybe 2,000 rpms. It was a huge disappointment. So, we came home and hooked it up to the hose. The temperature alarm went off. Since we had not run it last year, I figured we had a bad impeller. I removed the impeller and the plastic housing showed signs of melting. I replaced the impeller, the housing, and the thermostat. I replaced the spark plugs and the changed the oil and filter. We got a good run on the water at home; no overheating. We went out on the water today and the motor was intermittent at best. Sometimes we could get full throttle and rpms, and other times we could only get less than 2,000 rpms. We tried multiple scenarios to try to figure out if one caused the problem consistently. No luck. The engine is pissing strong and no overheat warnings. We just filled the tank with gas a few months ago and I always add Stabil Marine. The fuel filter shows no evidence of water (the float is at the bottom). I poured out the gas in the filter chamber and it is clear and smells fine. The air intake is clean.

    So, I am a at a loss here. I am very comfortable working on cars and boats. I maintain all my vehicles. I appreciate any advice so my son and I can be on the water a lot this Summer.

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    You can check fuel pressure, but as the boat was laid up for the year I have a feeling your going to be removing and cleaning out the vst chamber and filter on the electric pump. You didn't say you had a miss like injectors. Plenty in this forum about vst.


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      Thanks Fishhead. I have done some looking around and I will tackle the VST next.