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Oil pump issue 1998 150 Outboard

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  • Oil pump issue 1998 150 Outboard

    Engine: Yahmha 1998 saltwater series II
    Problem: Oil Alarm

    At my wits end. I have THREE! (3) dang entire reservoirs and pumps and none of them seem to work when I hook them up to direct 12v power.

    is that even possible statistically???

    Original problem is oil alarm so I got ahold of 2 entire tanks and assembly. Each one I hook up to 12v power and nothing happens. I'm expecting to hear the pump or anything at all.

    See in the picture, I am directly connecting to 12v battery and I hear nothing. Is this correct? Shouldn't this thing make a noise?

    How can I test these pumps?


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    It’s been a while since I had one. But I did have a early 90’s 200 and a late 90’s 150 (after the 200 oil injection failed).
    I converted to premix on the latter, but thinking back on the system, I think the pump on the supply tank only gets a signal to run when the smaller tank on the engine runs low and tells it too. Can’t quite remember but if so, it will need a signal to run it (as in to replicate the signal from the float switch in the smaller tank)
    just a thought. Maybe wrong.
    I’d be disconnecting it and pre mixing 50-1 anyway. Especially if it’s a 80’s-90’s motor. Well know for failing lines, fittings and occasionally pumps.


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      Above refers to the merc 150 and 200. Think the Yamaha oil injections are prettt good...as long as you keep an eye on the lines and fittings.


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        That pump runs extremely quiet. You should be able to feel it run when battery power is applied directly.

        Assuming the battery is in good condition, if the pump does not run (vibration or sound) then it is kaput.

        The terminal that I can see looks in very poor condition.


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          While not likely, it is possible for three pumps in a row to be failed.