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1987 yamaha excel. No spark port bank.

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  • 1987 yamaha excel. No spark port bank.

    Hey gents, i have an 87 excel purchased 2 weeks ago. Went through the boat motor has great compression and started like a honda civic on the muffs. Went to sea trial it this morning, when we put it in the water it fired up, stumbled and stalled like a normal cold engine(about 32 deg out) After that would only start momentarily at no throttle and no choke. Stumble and stop. Killed the batteria. Got a new battery and nothing. Cranked but sounded like no spark. Plugs were somewhat flooded pulled and cleaned them. Still nothing. But killed a freshly charged batt with maybe 3 minutes of total crank time which seemed odd to me. Get another battery and decide to test spark. I now have no spark on the port bank. Good spark on the starboard. Checked inline fuses, all connections and any ground i could find. Im new to the 2-stroke world. Im an old school chevy guy so this is uncharted territory for me. Any help would be greatly appreciated as im losing money every day i cant quahog out of the boat.

    thank you guys in advance

    cheers, miles