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Old yami expert needed for excel

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  • Old yami expert needed for excel

    Hey all, im looking at purchasing an old grady lapstrake with a yamaha excel 225 on it. 87 i believe. Numbers are v6excelxh 6k7ul 700917. Ive tried to do a ton of research on them. Hear they were great workhorse engines for their time. It will be a commercial fishing boat so used 3-5x a week and im hoping to get a year or two out of it before a repower.

    Went to look at it today. It has had the shift shaft replaced with stainless. I know thats a biggie to look for with these. It has newer stainless bolts around the shift shaft that dont have the stamped ‘8’ on them like every other bolt on it. Im assuming this was done when the shift shaft was done at least. There is only two bolts when it looks there should be 4. Is this a problem if two are missing? From what i read these were prone to corrosion too and maybe they were broken or maybe this is factory, im unsure. I believe its maybe been rebuilt because the crankcase to block mating surface looks as though it has some silicone used to seal it. Looks well done and not snotty and has a dark red hue. Couldnt see a gasket really. Is this factory or has it been rebuilt? Rest of the motor looks pretty good not too crusty, even the head gaskets look almost original with normal age cracks in them. Which made me doubt it being rebuilt at the same time.

    any insight would be appreciated. Going back sunday for a compression and run test and its coming home with me if that passes. Any other things to look for on sunday with these engines? Also anyone know about availability of parts for this engine? Maybe exchangeability with the other 2.6 engines?

    thanks in advance gentlemen,