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Normal compression for Mid 80's Suzuki DT 40

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  • Normal compression for Mid 80's Suzuki DT 40

    Anyone know this I seem to get around 95 and wonder if this is low?

  • #2
    i did rebuilt. new oversize piston . i got 150 psi
    normal runing compresion would be from 100-150 psi


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      Ok, at 95 I might be ok then It is a jet and they are hard on Outboards


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        How did your rebuilding go...I was going to rebuild this one as they person I got it from cheap said it had low compression. Tested it and it seems ok. Cleaned carb as I thought maybe that was the problem. Did you have to have it bored? Wondering if I do rebuilt if I could get away with new rings.


        • #5
          new oversize piston kit, size +50
          new con rod kits,
          new bearings
          new gasket for the head and water panel on the head
          All parts from Taiwan
          total cost around 300$


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            NOT BAD !!!! I buy some parts from there also...big wait but worth it. Amazing how cheap 4 stroke carbs like for snowblowers are.