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Suzuki DF6A shaft question

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  • Suzuki DF6A shaft question

    Hey Everyone,

    I have just bought a Suzuki DF6A short shaft motor that I will be using on a inflatable which has a 15.5" transom. I just measured the motor shaft from the mounting bracket to the anti cavitation plate and it measures at almost 18" This would put a 2.5" space between the bottom of the boat and the anti cav. plate.

    Am I missing something here? The specs say that the Short Shaft is 15" long. I checked the model number on the motor and it says DF6A no S or L. No indication of short or long shaft. Is there any way to confirm I have a short shaft eng?


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    Wrong way to measure and overthinking.-----Just put the motor on the boat and enjoy it.


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      If there is no S or L or XL in the model #, it is a short shaft.


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        I've confirmed its a short shaft. Wish I could throw it on and enjoy. Its currently -18 celsius haha