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Yamaha Wiring Diagram Cheat Sheet

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  • Yamaha Wiring Diagram Cheat Sheet

    I recently installed a used 1997 Yamaha 200hp on a buddies boat. When he dropped everything off he gave me a birds nest of wires for the gauges and controls... The PO of the motor had cut the oil/trim gauge and remote oil tank harness instead of pulling them through and majority of the wires going to the gauges, controls, and key switch panel were damaged or corroded. Instead of buying a bunch of new Yamaha harnesses we just spliced in new wire and butt connectors (using heat shrink insulated crimp connectors and dielectric grease). Anyways I got tired of flipping through the manual and looking through the wire color chart. I took a diagram from the Yamaha Gauge Installation instructions and made a cheat sheet. I am just posting it here to share. Hope it helps you out! If you see anything that is wrong or can be added let me know and Ill update it!

    I had to take a screenshot of the pdf to post it here and it got a little pixilated. If you message me I can email you a copy of the pdf.
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    I'm about to rewire my 2000 115HP Yamaha Odyssey Tritoon. I think this is going to be helpful! thanks