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90 hp yahama coughs at idle

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  • 90 hp yahama coughs at idle

    Engine runs perfect at all ranges accept idle ,then it coughs and sometimes dies -- spark or fuel??

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    Assuming? this is a 2 stroke motor maybe remove idle mixture screws/jets (remember number of turns out from lightly seated each one), then spray some carb cleaner into each orifice followed by a shot with air hose to clear circuits....replace/reset screws/jets.....this might help cure a lean condition at idle. The mixture screws/jets are on top of each carb.


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      Most likely fuel


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        Easy try would be a good strong dose of seafoam. Less easy would be a carb clean. Probably more likely caused by a bad diagram pump ?


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          Idle Screws out 1/4 of a turn each. Cold Blooded Engines 3 Banger Yamahas.