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Converting 2008 2strk 15 hp manual to electric start

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  • Converting 2008 2strk 15 hp manual to electric start

    We have a 2008 15hp 2 stroke manual which came with the boat when we bought it. All was fine until I was diagnosed with breast cancer last summer and I no longer have enough strength to pull . Buying a new engine isn't currently an option and this motor runs beautifully. We believe that the parts for a 15 and 9.9 HP 2 strokes are interchangeable. Yamaha quit making electric start 2strokes in 1998. We found a 1997 flywheel and bracket but can we assume a 1997 or earlier flywheel with ring gear and starter fit our 2008 model? I'd really love to use our boat this coming summer .

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    It is reasonable to assume that a 1997 15ELHV two stroke flywheel with gear teeth will fit your 15MSH. It is also reasonable to assume that a 15ELHV starter motor will bolt onto a 15MSH block.

    You will also need some wiring harness and miscellaneous components so as to configure your 15MSH similarly to that of the 15ELHV configuration. Not gonna be cheap if new components are used. About 3/4 of one boat unit might do it.


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      Its usually cheaper to sell what you have and buy what you need
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        In general I would agree with you.

        Her problem is that they no longer offer two stroke Yams here in the US. And they have not offered a 15 HP model with electric start for about 20 years.

        An F15 might be too heavy for the boat.